Foyer Design
A lasting first impression with excellent foyer design in Bangalore

An entry-way to your home, foyer designs by Indigo Interiors’ expert designers offer clients with the opportunity to make a lasting first impression in Bangalore. Mostly a neglected space in the interior designs of the past, foyer design is becoming crucial to designer space in modern homes in Bangalore. Therefore Indigo Interiors are equipped to provide interior design services in Bangalore for foyer design that will add both character and function.

Foyer decorating is thus considered absolute important by our clients, and we aim to give exemplary artistic service to the same. Wonderfully designed foyer greets you and your guests when you arrive home.

The entryway to any space ought to have a personality. Therefore the foyer designed by Indigo Interiors keep the same in mind and also incorporates the individual tastes of the inhabitant with the guidelines of taste, flexibility and adaptability of the company. We keep in mind the following features while designing your entryway to create the maximum personality.

  • Welcoming entry way space
  • Space serving high purpose- while considering your lifestyle
  • Also, serving a place for storage